Behind Every One of Our Great MJT Sires,
There is a Great Mama Cow

Hereford Sires

Big-Gully 173D Forefront 46J

Reg # C03087301

Horn: Polled
DOB: 20/02/2021

Sire: NJW 79W Z311 Endure 173D ET
Dam: PCL Jade 106A 46C

Forefront was selected from Big Gully Farm in SK for his pigmentation, power, and excellent foot. Top that off with a solid dam and good numbers, he’s done exceptionally well breeding here. Despite
having a higher BW as an ET calf, his calves have been smaller at birth with a whole lot of grow.

MJT Rocky 511G

Reg # C03060693

Horn: Polled
DOB: 09/04/2019

Sire: MLL 10Y Rocky ET 225D
Dam: MJT Miss Homegrown ET 103C

This was the $29,000 valued bull we sold in 2021 and we knew he was too good to just let go. The dam is a producer, and he’s soggy, long bodied, pigmented, and sound as they come. When the first
couple calves hit the ground we knew we made a good call. We got mostly heifer but aren’t sad about it since they’re plain good and the bulls don’t slack off either. The females out of this bull have gained international attention with the first heifer to sell going to Mexico to be a foundation donor cow.


Dam:MJT Miss Homegrown ET 103C

MJT 667H Rocky 802K

MJT 511G Rosie 806K

BR 39E ZAM 224G

Reg # C03060664

Horn: Horned
DOB: 28/02/2019

Sire: YV 15Z Zammer Bammer ET 39E
Dam: BR 106Z Reality 148B

We were starting to get low on horned genetics and knew to get a new horned sire for the battery we had to get a good one. "Braun" came from the great Braun Ranches program in Saskatchewan and
is backed by a top level female. If you like bulls soft made, big topped and long bodied with impecible feet, his sons should be on your list


MJT 65H Zam 811K

MJT 623H Zam 854K

MJT 617H Zam 875K

Blairs 358C 15C Iron Will 7G

Reg # C03061118

Horn: Polled
DOB: 26/01/2019

Sire: TH 403A 475Z Pioneer 358C ET
Dam: Haroldson’s AD Jessica 48Y 13B

Owned With: GLM Herefords

A high seller to GLM Herefords out of Nebraska, this bull was one that had a lot of things to love about him. Sound at the ground, heavy on performance without sacrificing sleep at calving. There’s
only one offspring in our sale but the females and bulls both sides of the border are looking special.


MJT 307E Iron Will 809K

Sib: MJT 15C Magnum 803K

HPH 180B Fonzy 74F

Reg # C03079046

Horn: Polled
DOB: 20/04/2018

Sire: HPH 10Y Bodacious 180B
Dam: HPH 73W Royalty 77Z

Fonzy (AKA Hanson) was purchased out of Minnesota as a calf from Hanson Polled Herefords. We bought him for his maternal strengths, his dam, granddam, and maternal sisters were truly outstanding females
with a demonstrated history of rearing top grade calves. We are excited to see what "Hanson" can do in our program.

NJW 79Z 33B Forward 252F

Reg # C03065970

Horn: Polled
DOB: 11/03/2018

Sire: NJW 160Z 10W Whit 33B
Dam: BW 91H 100W Rita 79Z ET

Ancares Forc Boomer 22 TE

Reg # 1535611

Horn: Polled
DOB: 27/07/2017

Sire: Forc 29F Boomer 18L
Dam: Anitas Redeem 7 TE

Ancares Forc Boomer "El Padre"was Grand Champion at Expo Duranzo 2019 in Uruguay. We aquired several embryos out of him and are excited with how they are maturing out and their potential. A complete
outcross for us, El Padre doesn’t hold back when it comes to marking them right, adding volume and power, or putting a wide top and good foot on his progeny. The first sons will sell in 2023.


Dam: Santa Maria 9781

Haroldsons JVJ Royal 24E

Reg # C03036068

Horn: Polled
DOB: 20/02/2017

Sire: H BK CCC SR Game Changer ET
Dam: Haroldson’s AD Jessica 48Y 13B

Semen Available

Owned With: Haroldson’s Polled Herefords

The 2017 Senior Bull Calf Champion at Canadian Western Agribition, Royal is royalty when it comes to passing on great fundamentals to his progeny. He’s stout, long bodied, powerful and an asset in
terms of breeding pieces.


MJT 17B Queen Nellie 606H

Dam: Haroldson’s AD Jessica 48Y 13B

Blair’s AXA 24E Rose 19G

ANL ACDT 24E Jada 115F ET 137J

MLL 10Y Rocky ET 225D

Reg # C03026143

Horn: Polled
DOB: 18/03/2016

Sire: NJW 73S W18 Hometown 10Y ET
Dam: MJT Miss Polly 125S

Semen Available

Owned With: HMS Hi-Cliffe

Rocky has drawn international interest and became a sensation when he won the 2018 Polled Hereford Show at Agribition and the Hereford Champion of the World title. Rocky is the type of bull we strive for
at MJT. He is long bodied, deep, square hipped, and big topped. Combine those traits with a dark cherry color he carries to the ground, and his clean front, we believe he is a package that combines performance with showability. His sons have been some of the best we have raised yet, and the consistency of his calves is outstanding. Out of an MJT Dam, we are confident in his maternal traits. Backed by a powerful pedigree, he is sure to stamp his calves.


MJT Rocky 601H

MJT Rocky 511G

Maternal Sib: MJT 646 Polly ET 667H

HMS Hi-Cliffe 225D Glamour 32G

BR Belle Air 6011

Reg # AHA Reg #: 43724674

Horn: Horned
DOB: 02/03/2016

Sire: Bar S LHF 028 240
Dam: BR Belle 4082 ET


Dam: BR Belle 4082 ET

MJT Belle Air ET 613H

Ancares Forc Boomer 19 TE

Reg # Y1519702

Horn: Polled
DOB: 25/09/2015

Sire: Forc 29F Boomer 18L
Dam: Anitas Biefe Ancho 33

Another Grand Champion sourced from Uruguay, "Forajido" has gone on to sire multiple National and South American Champions. Impeccable foot structure, maternal backing, and good pigment put him
on our exciting outcross list.


MJT 10018 Forajido EY 820K


JNHR Red Stan 128A

Reg # C02991423

Horn: Horned
DOB: 11/04/2013

Sire: JNHR Rancher 17Y
Dam: JNHR 101T Sassy 836X

The Reserve Grand Champion Hereford Bull at Calgary Bull Sale in 2015. "Red" is the ranchers herd bull, big framed and sound with a good amount of width overtop. We loved his pigment and he passes
that down too his calves. Easy keeping and hardy, economical was his specialty.


MJT Red 205D

MJT 34Z Ruby 210D

MJT Red 302E

MJT Nitro Nugget ET 79A

Reg # C02986973

Horn: Polled
DOB: 17/01/2013

Sire: GH Adams Nitro Design 377X
Dam: MJT Miss 106G Super 49E 57K

The Grand Champion bull at the 2014 Calgary Bull Sale, Nugget is one of 3 flushmates out of Nitro Design and is exceptional in terms of his muscle expression and thickness. He is backed by a strong maternal
pedigree and his offspring at Ace Herefords proves that. Owned by: Ace Herefords

MJT Nitro Duke ET 78A

Reg # C02986972

Horn: Horned
DOB: 10/01/2013

Sire: GH Adams Nitro Design 377X
Dam: MJT Miss 106G Super 49E 57K

Semen Available

Owned With: Nelson Hirsche Purebreds, Ace Herefords

The Supreme Champion Bull at Lloydminster Stockade Roundup 2014, Reserve Champion Horned Hereford Bull at Agribition 2014. Out of the well-known Nitro Design bull, Duke is one of 3 flush brothers raised
here at MJT and is a next level performance bull. Out of the outstanding MJT 57K cow, he’s maternally stacked too. Owned with: Nelson Hirsche Purebreds and Ace Herefords


MJT Dukes Design 309E

MJT Dukes Design 313E

MJT Nitro Kentucky ET 75A

Reg # C02986969

Horn: Polled
DOB: 03/01/2013

Sire: GH Adams Nitro Design 377X
Dam: MJT Miss 106G Super 49E 57K

One of 3 flush brothers raised here at MJT, Kentucky packs a punch when it comes to power. Out of the outstanding MJT 57K cow, he’s maternally stacked. Owned with:


MT 219D

MJT Kenedy 220D

FCC 503W Lincoln 3Z

Reg # C02972131

Horn: Polled
DOB: 01/02/2012

Sire: Remitall Alliance 503W
Dam: FCC 18R Cindy 22T

Lincoln was Grand Champion Hereford Bull at Farmfair in both 2013 and 2014 offspring are well marked, fully pigmented, and have beautiful hair coats. His sons are heavy muscled and daughters are feminine,
fancy, and perfect uddered. They have the capacity and rib shape that make them super productive females. His progeny have done very well in the show ring and the pasture for us. MJT 495Y Cindy 105C was Reserve Champion Horned Hereford Female at Lloydminster Stockade in 2016 and Champion in 2017 with her calf at side, she was also Champion Sr. Female atvCanadian Western Agribition in 2017.


MJT Lincoln 223D

MJT 495Y Cindy 225D

MJT 495Y Cindy 105C

MJT 125S Lincoln ET 522G

GH Adams Nitro Design ET 377X

Reg # C02944136

Horn: Horned
DOB: 26/04/2010

Sire: UPS TCC Nitro 1ET
Dam: GH-Adams Stonette 542S

Semen Available

Owned With: Nelson Hirsche Purebreds

Nitro was the Reserve Champion Hereford Bull at the 2011 National Western Stock Show in Denver. He’s been highly used and sired several champions internationally.


MJT Nitro Kentucky ET 75A

MJT Nitro Duke ET 78A

MJT Nitro Nugget ET 79A

GH 377X Eclipse 27E

MJT Total ET 332W (Kilo)

Reg # C02935196

Horn: Horned
DOB: 08/03/2009

Sire: MJT Century 264P
Dam: MJT Miss 14H Charisma 228P

Kilo was a flushmate to our bull Magnum and no less impressive. Again out of the great Charisma 228P cow, he’s made for maternal traits and power.


MJT Kilo 3B

MJT Total ET 311W (Magnum)

Reg # C02928156

Horn: Horned
DOB: 03/03/2009

Sire: MJT Century 264P
Dam: MJT Miss 14H Charisma 228P

Reserve Champion Mature Bull at the 2012 World Hereford Conference and Reserve Champion Horned Hereford at Agribition 2011, "Magnum" was one of two flushmates from a crossing of straight MJT
genetics out of our great Century 264P "Cash" herd sire. Magnum was the type of bull we strive to continually raise here at MJT. Sound, low maintenance, high performing, and easy calving.


MJT Magnum 401F

HPH 145R Avatar 5U

Reg # C02931533

Horn: Polled
DOB: 22/03/2008

Sire: Grandview 7OAKS Sonora 145R
Dam: ANL 4M Aimee 5P

Avatar was a bull we found in Minnesota a few years back. Known by many as a true "female maker", Avatars greatest strength was his maternal traits. The Avatar daughters and granddaughters consistently
come to the top of the heifer pen and many have become donors for our embryo program.


MJT 28Z Aimee 16B

MJT 9Z Rosebud 204D

MJT Avatar ET 413F

MJT 151R Aimee 454Y

Remitall Pilgrim 93P

Reg # C02851674

Horn: Polled
DOB: 13/02/2004

Sire: Remitall Online 122L
Dam: Justamere 71H Debbie 786L

Semen Available

Sired by the legendary Remitall Online, Pilgrim was ahead of his time when it came too fleshing ability, red muscle expression, and width over his top. He has found many friends worldwide with world champion
progeny from several countries.


MJT Miss Polly 125S

Grandson: MLL 10Y Rocky ET 225D

Forc 29F Boomer 18L

Reg # C02794512

Horn: Polled
DOB: 20/02/2001

Sire: CS Boomer 29F
Dam: L’Antique Miss Edgerton 210J

Semen Available


El Padre