Behind Every One of Our Great MJT Sires,
There is a Great Mama Cow

Charolais Sires

Sparrows Trimax 41H

Reg # MC800156

Horn: Polled
DOB: 09/02/2020

Sire: PRO-CHAR Jamieson 68F
Dam: Sparrows Hombre 155E

Tri-Max is a larger-framed bull we were fortunate enough to purchase frpom the 2021 Sparrow Bull Sale. We were really impressed with the females that Cam and his family were raising, and when Mick found
out that his favourite female had a son in the sale he had to take a look at him. Tri-Max has exceptional width to him and heavy muscle pattern and heaps of performance but still structurally sound in his skeleton and as free-moving as they come. Needless to say, Mick brought this big man home, and we are all sure glad he did.

Elders Hurricane 54H

Reg # MC794841

Horn: Polled
DOB: 22/01/2020

Sire: HVA Falcon 250F
Dam: Elder’s Wahkemo 77E

With the addition of the Charolais into the MJT herd, we needed herd sires to service the new additions. Mick found Hurricane the well-known Elders herd and figured he’d be a great breeding piece.
His sound structural make up, exceptional shape, and strong maternal bloodlines have us excited about his future here at MJT.


Dam: Elder’s Wahkemo 77E

LT Del Rey 6161 P

Reg # MC739572

Horn: Polled
DOB: 04/03/2016

Sire: LT Longneck 3031 PLD
Dam: LT Maxine 7908 ET