Behind Every One of Our Great MJT Sires,
There is a Great Mama Cow

Angus Sires

MJT 615E Charlo 560J

Reg # 2245939

Horn: Polled
DOB: 28/02/2021

Sire: Blairswest Charlo 28E
Dam: MJT Miss Cheetah 615E

A full sib to another one of our herdsires, 557J, this bull follows along in his brothers footsteps in terms of foot and leg structure, as well as length of body. Combined with a little extra muscle expression,
we don’t know whose calves we love more.


Dam: MJT Miss Cheetah 615E

Full Sib: MJT 615E Charlo 5657J

MJT 615E Charlo 557J

Reg # 2245576

Horn: Polled
DOB: 26/02/2021

Sire: Blairswest Charlo 28E
Dam: MJT Miss Cheetah 615E

When this guys dam had her first calf, a full sister to this flush, and our love for her just grew as she matured, we knew we had to repeat the crossing again. 557J is perhaps one of the best home-raised
bulls we’ve had the opportunity to develop. Perfect feet and legs, an all-star dam, and a load of performance make this a breeding tool we love.


Dam: MJT Miss Cheetah 615E

Full Sib: MJT 615E Charlo 560J

Collins El Chapo 2101

Reg # 2242971

Horn: Polled
DOB: 01/01/2021

Sire: Schiefelbein Showman 338
Dam: HF Mayflower 191Z

El Chapo was chosen from Rio Grande Angus for his excellent numbers, correct structure, maternal, strength, and heifer bull classification. When you see this bull, and the power he possesses, it’s
hard to believe he’s a heifer breeding option. His calves start out small and grow exceptionally quick on minimal feed.


Maternal Sib: HF Alcatraz 60F

MJT Charlo 92G

Reg # 2185594

Horn: Polled
DOB: 18/05/2019

Sire: Blairswest Charlo 28E
Dam: MJT Spark 808F

This bull was the result of a "teenage pregnancy". Born in the summer, we knew he wouldn’t be ready for sale time but his mother was picture perfect and he was coming along nicely, so we
used him. More moderate heifer bull but packs a heck of a punch.


Dam: MJT Spark 808F

Son: MJT 32D Charlo 699K

Son: MJT 277H Charlo 630K

MICH Wheatland Bull 942G

Reg # 2133698

Horn: Polled
DOB: 06/02/2019

Sire: EXAR Blue Chip 1877B
Dam: P2C Beauty 531 DT

Wheatland Cattle Co. is known for their prowess in the show ring and when it comes to producing quality bulls and females. When Mick and Matthew saw "Blue Chip" they knew he would have a place
in our breeding program that would compliment our existing cow herd. He’s a bigger framed, high performance type bull who we felt his frame and raw power would mix well with some of our more moderate females. He’s big boned, has a gentle disposition, and gets out and moves.

U2 Bravo 239G

Reg # 2099454

Horn: Polled
DOB: 24/01/2019

Sire: Coleman Bravo 6313
Dam: U-2 Erica 514C

When we watched U2 Shameless go through the ring at the 2020 U2 bull sale for $297,000 we knew that we had to get similar genetics into our herd as we loved that bull. We were extremely fortunate to be
able to purchase a three-quarter sibling U2 Bravo 239G out of that sale and he has not disappointed. Sound, easy keeping, moderate, and stout his calves have hit the ground running and impressed us thus far. He’s got great maternal backing and we feel that he is going to be a great breeding asset.


3/4 sib: U2 Shameless 145G

Yearling Picture

DMM Canadian Classic 12G

Reg # 2099749

Horn: Polled
DOB: 04/01/2019

Sire: Dameron C-5 American Classic
Dam: DMM Miss Essence 5C

Semen Available

Out of the beautiful Miss Essence 5C cow from Miller Wilson Angus, Canadian Classic is a bull that we were extremely excited about as soon as we saw him at the Saskatoon Sweepstakes Show in 2019. He put
a lot of pieces together as he is sound, smooth moving, balanced, and ideal in terms of laying natural muscle and power on a moderate frame. We got even more excited as our first calves started hitting the ground, they were easy calving and low birth weight but have grown exponentially into what looks to be an amazing sire group. We are excited for what the future holds for Classic here at MJT and will be offering progeny in the future.


Dam DMM Miss Essence 5C

Calf Picture

MJT Crossfire 838F

Reg # 2072822

Horn: Polled
DOB: 08/02/2018

Sire: Bar-H Crossfire 29C
Dam: Greenwood Envious Blackbird

We sold this bull to Clark Ranching, and based on his dams quality, as well as a bull going down, we leased him back. This turned out to be one of our smartest (albeit luckiest) decisions. The females
out of this bull are all-star level producers, with picturesque udders and feet.


Son: MJT 341H Cross Bow 611K

Son: MJT 94D Cross Bow 616K

MJT Impressive 818F

Reg # 2049303

Horn: Polled
DOB: 17/01/2018

Sire: MAF First Impression 4420
Dam: MJT Elnora 361C

Owned With: Shawn Stadnyk

When we sold 818F, we only bred a select few cows to him. His dams a top producer here and passed along her best traits to this guy.

MJT Impressive 813F

Reg # 2065760

Horn: Polled
DOB: 16/01/2018

Sire: MAF First Impression 4420
Dam: DMM Blackcap Essence 7Y

Semen Available

Owned With: South View Ranch

Lovingly nicknamed "PeeWee" due to his exceptionally small birthweight, MJT Impressive 813F is perhaps one of the best Angus bulls we’ve had the opportunity to raise here at MJT. He’s
made many friends, earning the title of Reserve Champion Black Angus Bull at Farmfair in 2018, where Shane Kaufman of Southview Ranch purchased half interest out of the stall, as well as Champion Sr. Bull calf at Agribition and Show Calf of the Year. He is stout, big topped and easy keeping. In terms of soundness we think he’s pretty impeccable and a well suited bull to fix any feet you aren’t happy about. He’s big footed, big boned, and so free moving about his skeleton for the amount of power he has that it’s made more than a few people say "wow". Out of the great Essence 7Y cow from Miller Wilson Angus, he’s royally bred to make front pasture females and by the looks of his calves they’re going to be exactly that.


Dam: DMM Blackcap Essence 7Y

Full Sister: MJT Essence 817F

Blairswest Charlo 28E

Reg # 1980743

Horn: Polled
DOB: 26/01/2017

Sire: Coleman Charlo 0256
Dam: Bar-E-L Erica 74A

Semen Available

A true beef bull that is as easy keeping as they come. Anyone who has seen him remembers him as one of the roundest and big barreled bulls they have seen. His disposition and stout frame are unmatched
and his offspring have been the same. His fam, Bar-E-L Erica 74A is perhaps one of the most recognizable Angus cows in Canada, and also perhaps the most desirable. She is truly a great one and our first daughters have hit production and follow her pattern quite closely. We couldn’t be more happy with the job Charlo has done for us so far and are excited to see what his future holds.


MJT Miss Fizz 1G

MJT Charlo 2G

MJT Charlo 82G

Dam: Bar-E-L Erica 74A

MJT First Impression 601E

Reg # 1964369

Horn: Polled
DOB: 03/01/2017

Sire: MAF First Impression 4420
Dam: MJT Queen 308C

We wanted to keep a First Impression son back for his excellent disposition, great foot, and superior calving ease. This guy does all those things and is a deep bodied, soft made bull that keeps himself
in ideal condition even when covering cows in a half section of steep river hills. His first small group of calves has impressed us enough that he is now being utilized more heavily in our breeding plans.


MJT Eldorado 64G

MJT Frontier 121D

Reg # 1952901

Horn: Polled
DOB: 04/06/2016

Sire: MJT Touch Down 467Z
Dam: MJT Queen 596Z

Semen Available

This June born bull was Reserve Champion Sr. bull at Agribition in 2018. He is an excellent of what our low management breeding ideology can do when some more TLC and management is added for the show ring.
Boasting the highest ADG of the Angus barn that year, 121D is proving to be an important breeding tool at MJT. He is a bigger framed bull which compliments some of our more moderate cows. He carries with hun the Touchdown influence of his sire 467Z and our 505Z herd bull who have been extremely influential in our cow herd. 121D’s dam is a great uddered, big bodied, productive cow.


MJT Frontier 6G

Dam: MJT Queen 596Z

Jaymarandy Hard Evidence 626D

Reg # 1940698

Horn: Polled
DOB: 31/01/2016

Sire: SAV Traveler 004
Dam: EXAR Blackbird 0698

Semen Available

It was hard not to admire Hard Evidence when Mick took Debbie on a "date" to Manitoba to look at potential herd sires. He was raw power, big boned, maternally bred with daughters already on the
ground. We managed to be fortunate enough to purchase him from Mark Angus at Jaymarandy Livestock and he’s been utilized here for a few seasons now.


MJT Impressive 101G

MJT Evidence 60G

Jaymarandy Grace 808F

Jaymarandy Freestyle 809F

MJT Improvement 329C

Reg # 1895768

Horn: Polled
DOB: 28/04/2015

Sire: 20/20 Improvement 37A
Dam: MJT Joanne 18A

329C is a really good bull we sold your good friend Jess Verstappen to use in her startup Angus herd at High Prairie. He is a stout, moderate framed bull out of an absolutely terrific cow. She’s
a great Kodiak female with a perfect udder and feet.



MJT Tiger 108G

MJT Tiger 113G

Bar-H Crossfire 29C

Reg # 1871953

Horn: Polled
DOB: 26/03/2015

Sire: Bar-H Crossfire 63A
Dam: Bar-H Echo 97A

Semen Available

Crossfire’s pedigree is stacked with calving ease specialists. His grandsire, Titlest ranks in the top 1% of the breed for birthweight and he has proven himself no different. He is sound and athletic
in his structure and has a big square foot that we look for in a herd sire, and he passes on his style and presence. His sire has been used in both the Six Mile and Hamilton Farms programs and produced high selling progeny for them. His offspring are consistently some of the top one in every pen and feet exceptionally well with our low management, marginal grazing system that requires extreme soundness and feed efficiency.


MJT Crossfire 28G

MJT Miss Cheetah 615E

MJT Spark 808F

MJT Cross Bow 838F

MAF First Impression 4420

Reg # 1936782

Horn: Polled
DOB: 16/04/2014

Sire: Dameron First Impression
Dam: M A F Miss Jetstream 2928

Semen Available

Owned With: RDM Angus And Tattykeel - Meat Sheep Studs, Nelson Hirsche Purebreds

Mick found First Impression as a calf in 2015 at the Denver National Stock Show. He was a mid-April calf and at 9 months old, his natural muscling and early maturity were impressive. Seeing his mother
sealed the deal for us! We took 4420 to various shows throughout the year, he won the Supreme Champion Title at Lloydminster Stockade and the Canadian Angus Show Bull of the Year in 2016. First Impression’s sire - Dameron First Impression - was the 2012 Denver Grand Champion Angus Bull. His progeny have been dominating shows across North America. With a loaded pedigree and the combination of calving ease and performance, MAF First Impression 4420 has the best of both worlds! With an 81 pound birth weight, early maturity and great carcass numbers, he is hard to overlook. His gentle disposition and ability for feed conversion make him a valuable herd bull in our program. His progeny have proven versatile, able to perform in our ranch program, as well as in the show ring.His daughters are foundation females in the making.


MJT Impressive 813F

MJT Essence 817F

MJT Impressive 818F


DMM Shade 70B

Reg # 1785558

Horn: Polled
DOB: 22/02/2014

Sire: DMM Stache 72Z
Dam: DMM Blackcap 21W

Shade is moderately framed and heavy muscled with a good foot under him. He is as sound today as the day we picked him up as a yearling. Shades pedigree speaks for itself. Females like DMM Miss Essence
61W and DMM Blackcap 21W are foundation females. Shades first females calved in 2018. They are moderate framed females, perfect uddered and great dispositions.


MJT Lucy 13D

MJT Shade 18G

MJT Shade 26G

MJT Shade 50G

Brooking Bank Note 4040

Reg # 1776488

Horn: Polled
DOB: 28/01/2014

Sire: Connealy Earnan 076E
Dam: E A Rose 918

Perhaps one of the most well known sites in the Canadian Angus industry, Banknote was used as an AI sire and breeding piece for our embryo program. He’s out of the great E A Rose cow and is a truly
maternal breeding piece. Despite being a female maker he packs the power into his progeny, both bulls and heifers. His offspring have found great success across the nation and our herd is no exception as a daughter raised one of our high sellers in our 2020 "Back to the Basics" Bull Sale.


MJT Miss Jewel 611E

MJT Bankroll 618E

MJT Cashflow 616E

20/20 Improvement 37A

Reg # 1718154

Horn: Polled
DOB: 19/02/2013

Sire: SCC Tiger 15X
Dam: South Border Lady Ann 023

We bought Improvement as a yearling sight unseen, based on his dam and Owen’s confidence in the calf. On delivery, we liked him when he walked off the trailer. We have used him on heifers successfully
and the offspring are comparable to the mature cows’ calves at weaning. His grandsire, HF Tiger 5T is appreciated for early gestation and calving ease. He is also designated as an Elite Sire in the CAA. Tiger 5T had many championships awarded to him in the show ring.


MJT Barbara Rose 62D

MJT Improvement 632E

MJT Bando 531Z

Reg # 1692129

Horn: Polled
DOB: 20/03/2012

Sire: LLB 114P Bando 571S
Dam: MJT Eline 348R

LLB 1145P Bando 571S bred here well. He left us a little extra stretch and his progeny all had more length of body than average. This added pounds at weaning. We chose 531Z to join forces with his sire
to give us that extra rib and length. 531Z’s mama is from one of our strongest cow families. His grandmother "MJT Eline 46N" raised herd bulls and she sold into a purebred herd in our cow dispersal.


MJT Max 57D

MJT Bando 352C

MJT Max 665E

MJT Touch Down 505Z

Reg # 1717650

Horn: Polled
DOB: 14/03/2012

Sire: 20/20 Touchdown 20X
Dam: MJT Elnora 833U

When we lost our 20/20 Touchdown 20X herd sire, we picked 505Z to replace him. 505Z follows the pattern we admire of 20X! That round muscle, good feet and soundness were qualities of the old bull. 505Z’s
mama is out of a top cow family that never misses. Longevity, excellent milk and sound feet and leg structure. 505Z travels well. He is athletic and breeds consistent birth weights. A 76 pound birth weight and a short gestation topped up with high performance has made him a valuable sire in the MJT Herd Bull Battery. After the 2016 heifers calved, many of our favorite females at the ranch are 505 daughters.


MJT Joanne 20D

MJT Joanne 19D

MJT Madame Pride 94D

MJT Extra 886F

MJT Touch Down 467Z

Reg # 1717655

Horn: Polled
DOB: 09/03/2012

Sire: 20/20 Touchdown 20X
Dam: MJT Chimes 815U

This is another Touchdown 20X son kept for our own use. His dam is from a strong cow family going back to the first herd bull we ever owned, "Big Sky 610F." The Touchdown 20X bull stamped his
progeny with style, shape and correctness. 467Z has aired multiple top performing progeny including the 2018 Reserve Champion SR. bull at Agribition, MJT Frontier 121D.


MJT Frontier 121D

MJT Impressive 905F