Seasoned Cattlemen Know That The Most
Economically Important Traits are the
Maternal Fundamentals
Fertility, Longevity, Stucture,
Soundness, and Fleshing Ability
regardless of breed
MJT Cattle are built on Maternal Strengths

Hereford Females

Glenlees BLR Ag 27C Nellie 64F

Reg # C03066506

Horn: Polled

Sire: NJW 73S 38W Rimrock 27C ET
Dam: BNC GlenLees 429 Nellie 71D

64F was a unique bred when we purchased her from Blairs.Ag. Her tremendous middle, style, and structure, made her a standout. Come calving time, she also laid down a beautiful udder. Her first calf was
a rip and we think she’ll have many more yet.

HMS HiCliffe 305 Fire & Ice 8F

Reg # C03048144

Horn: Polled

Sire: TCF JVJ 11X The Goods 305A
Dam: Coppertone 1W 164X Omega 8Z

Matthew purchased Fire and Ice out of the pasture from HMS Hi-Cliffe at Outlook, SK. When we saw her dam, Omega with her at side we knew that we had to try and add her to our herd. We were fortunate enough
to aquire her and are sure glad we did. Shes stylish, stout, big topped, and long bodied. She also has all the fundamentals and hasn’t missed with a calf yet.

MJT 495Y Cindy 225D

Reg # C03023113

Horn: Polled

Sire: FCC 503W Lincoln 3Z
Dam: MJT 83N Prospect 495Y

A full sister to our donor cow, 105C, 225D has all the things we love in a female. She’s an extremely efficient producer with demonstrated track record of great offspring.

MJT 17B Ruby 222D

Reg # C03021655

Horn: Polled

Sire: JNHR Red Stan 128A
Dam: MJT 415Y Aimee 17B


MJT Rocky 524G

BNC GlenLees 429 Nellie 71D

Reg # C03022357

Horn: Polled

Sire: KJ 647U Redeem 429Y
Dam: BNC 111Y Nellie 308A

Another female that goes back to the Nellie 528N cow, 71D was the Grand Champion Hereford Female at Agribition and World Champion Hereford Female in 2017. She’s sound, wide topped, and feminine while
still being major in terms of her power and capacity.

MJT 117R Marigold ET 216D

Reg # C03024950

Horn: Polled

Sire: MHPH 521X Action 106A
Dam: MJT 9N Harmony 117R

Marigold was Casey’s first heifer calf and has proven to be one of the top producers at MJT. Out of our Harmony 117R female we sold in our dispersal to Matt Lohner at Arcola, SK, she’s an extremely
productive and problem free cow, who always raises a great calf.


MJT 698F

MJT 216D Rosie 509G

MJT 34Z Ruby 210D

Reg # C03021645

Horn: Polled

Sire: FCC 503W Lincoln 3Z
Dam: MJT 4X Aimee 34Z

210D is out of a fantastic Avatar daughter and is a farm favourite. She’s all the things we strive for in a female when it comes to being an economic, low maintenance, productive female that is powerful,
sound, and good uddered.

Haroldsons Jane 48Y 40C

Reg # C03011462

Horn: Polled

Sire: Haroldsons WLC Rhino ET 48Y
Dam: Haroldson’s Jane 29R 54W

Jane 40C has what some might call the perfect udder. Tight suspension, great teat spacing, and ideal milking. She’s sound and overall a feature female on every cow tour.

MJT 495Y Cindy 105C

Reg # C03008555

Horn: Polled

Sire: FCC 503W Lincoln 3Z
Dam: MJT 83N Prospect 495Y

Petunia is our feature Lincoln daughter and Hereford Donor cow. Big bodied, tremendously stout, and perfect uddered, she is an easy keeping cow that does not miss. She’s found her fair share of glory
in the show ring as well where she was Reserve Champion Horned female in 2016 at the Lloydminster Stockade Roundup, Grand Champion and Champion Sr. Female at Lloydminster and Agribition respectively the next year.


MJT Captain Scream 813G

MJT Miss Homegrown ET 103C

Reg # C03012390

Horn: Polled

Sire: NJW 73S W18 Homegrown 8Y ET
Dam: MJT 15X Reba 17Z

103C is nicknamed "Crabapple" due to the fact that Ryan figured she was always crabby as a bred. Don’t let that fool you as on top of being a sweet heart and fantastic lead cow, she’s
a truly fantastic female. She milks well, and raised our high selling Hereford bull in our 2021 bull sale. Sound, stout, and easy doing, she’s an economic female that always gets us excited when she calves.


MJT Rocky 511G

MJT 28Z Aimee 16B

Reg # C03003845

Horn: Polled

Sire: HPH 145R Avatar 5U
Dam: MJT 209U Prospect 28Z

MJT 28Z Aimee 16B Is perhaps one of our most prolific home raised producers. The Avatar make phenomenal females and shes a perfect example. Sound, good uddered, and big bodied, she’s left her mark
with some phenomenal offspring.


MJT Rocky 506G

MJT 9Z Aimee 6B

Reg # C03003838

Horn: Polled

Sire: HPH 145R Avatar 5U
Dam: MJT 125S Reba 9Z

Aimee 6B is out of one of our most prolific and powerful producers here at MJT, 9Z. Her dam is a maternal sib to the 2018 Champion of the World MLL 10Y Rocky 225D, and has reared some of our top performing
females, such as 6B herself. Good uddered, big boned, and wide topped, 6B is exceotional in her own right.


MJT Duke Design 301E

Blairs Nellie R117 ET 14B

Reg # C03003554

Horn: Polled

Sire: SHF Rib Eye M326 R117
Dam: NCX Miss JR Nellie 528N

Another purchase form the Blairs.Ag herd, and another flushmate out of the Ribeye R117 x Nellie 528N, 14B is Matthews favourite Nellie cow on the farm. She is big topped, big ribbed, stout, and sound and
raises an out standing calf. She is exceptionally uddered and, like her sisters, is an easy keeper.

Blairs Nellie R117 ET 6B

Reg # C03002628

Horn: Polled

Sire: SHF Rib Eye M326 R117
Dam: NCX Miss JR Nellie 528N

Out of the legendary Nellie 528N cow, perhaps one of the most influential females in the Canadian Hereford industry, 6B is an oustanding producer herself. Sound, good uddered, and full of power, we didn’t
hesitate when the opportunity came to buy her and her full sisters from Blairs.Ag.

MJT Miss Polly 125S

Reg # C02901618

Horn: Polled

Sire: Remitall Pilgrim 93P
Dam: MJT Miss 7M Merlin 225P

The mother of the 2018 World Champion Bull "Rocky", as well as several other tremendous progeny, 125S is a standout female. We sold her to Matt Lohner in our dispersal and has had tremendous
success for him there as well.


MLL 10Y Rocky ET 225D

MJT 125S Lincoln ET 522G