Seasoned Cattlemen Know That The Most
Economically Important Traits are the
Maternal Fundamentals
Fertility, Longevity, Stucture,
Soundness, and Fleshing Ability
regardless of breed
MJT Cattle are built on Maternal Strengths

Angus Females

Jaymarandy Grace 808F

Reg # 2022448

Horn: Polled

Sire: Jaymarandy Hard Evidence 626D
Dam: Young Dale Grace 85B

When Shannon purchased from Jaymarandy Livestock in Manitoba we thought she was crazy as she bought her based on her number (she liked her conformation as well don’t worry). It turned out that she
is a fantastic female who can do an exceptional job rearing a calf.

MJT Essence 817F

Reg # 2063256

Horn: Polled

Sire: MAF First Impression 4420
Dam: DMM Blackcap Essence 7Y

Essence 817F is a female that gets us excited. She’s a flushmate to our well-known Impressive 813F bull, out of First Impression 4420 and the great Essence 7Y cow. She’s moderate, wide pinned,
and beautifully uddered with great feet and legs. She raises a great calf and is extremely feed efficient with very little feed required to maintain her condition.

MJT Miss Cheetah 615E

Reg # 1964366

Horn: Polled

Sire: Bar-H Crossfire 29C
Dam: MJT Lucy 16A

Ryan’s first Angus heifer, "Cheetah" has become one of the most outstanding females on the farm. She always raises a knockout calf and looks impeccable doing it. Shes got a beautiful foot
and udder, is the ideal frame size for us, and has loads of power while maintaining a stylish presence.


MJT Miss Fizz 1G

MJT Madame Pride 94D

Reg # 1952905

Horn: Polled

Sire: MJT Touch Down 505Z
Dam: Brooking Madame Pride 387


MJT Madame Pride 807F

MJT Dark Duchess 74D

Reg # 1952924

Horn: Polled

Sire: 20/20 Improvement 37A
Dam: MJT Dark Duchess 207B


MJT Crossfire 833F

MJT Eldorado 64G

MJT Joanne 20D

Reg # 1952925

Horn: Polled

Sire: MJT Touch Down 505Z
Dam: MJT Joanne 439Z

20D is one of our favourite donor cows, she’s profoundly powerful with that maternal swoop and neck extension that is guaranteed to grab your attention. Not to mention she has a perfect udder and
outstanding feet. We strive for perfection and this cow is the closest thing we have. She has a bright future here at MJT and many highly respected cattlemen and women have fallen in love with her. Genetic opportunities will be available in the future.


MJT Spark 808F

MJT Lucy 13D

Reg # 1923853

Horn: Polled

Sire: DMM Shade 70B
Dam: MJT Lucy 16A


MJT Crossfire 810F

Maternal sister: MJT Miss Cheetah 615E

MJT Queen 391C

Reg # 2173851

Horn: Polled

Sire: MJT AJ 411Z
Dam: MJT Queen 437Z

MJT Dark Duchess 353C

Reg # 1897932

Horn: Polled

Sire: MJT AJ 411Z
Dam: MJT Dark Duchess 594Z

MJT Joanne 333C

Reg # 1895791

Horn: Polled

Sire: DFCC 176W Sizzler 52Y
Dam: MJT Joanne 428Z

MJT Bonnie 316C

Reg # 1892289

Horn: Polled

Sire: DFCC 176W Sizzler 52Y
Dam: MJT Bonnie 311Y


MJT Crossfire 674E

MJT Lady Bird 206B

Reg # 1828369

Horn: Polled

Sire: 20/20 Touchdown 20X
Dam: MJT Lady Bird 513Z

206B is a female who producers a great looking calf every year while maintaining her excellent body condition. She’s sound, deep and sound, and checks all the boxes on what makes a great cow.


MJT Evidence 115G

MJT Barbara Rose 120B

Reg # 1828363

Horn: Polled

Sire: 20/20 Touchdown 20X
Dam: MJT Barbara Rose 446Z

The Barbara Rose cow family has been a staple at MJT, producing some of the top animals year after year. 120B is a great example of everything we love about these females. She’s moderate, efficient,
sound, and has a great udder.


MJT Barbara Rose 62D

MJT Shade 81G

Merit Socialite 3048

Reg # 1745886

Horn: Polled

Sire: Bar-E-L Iron Will 32Y
Dam: Merit Socialite 2156

Owned With: Blairswest Land & Cattle

Purchased from Merit Cattle Co. in their herd reduction with Blairswest, Socialite 3048 is a great addition to our herd. Shes bigger framed but sound, long bodied, and balances power with that frame well.
She also has a great udder and has made a great donor cow who produces top quality calves.

MJT Queen 596Z

Reg # 1692054

Horn: Polled

Sire: LLB 114P Bando 571S
Dam: MJT Queen 150M

596Z is a beautiful Bando daughter and the dam to our herdsire MJT Frontier 121D. She’s a great female and has rasied some truly outstanding offspring for us.


MJT Frontier 121D

MJT Dark Duchess 506Z

Reg # 2128412

Horn: Polled

Sire: MJT Kodiak 233X
Dam: MJTA Dark Duchess Essoteric


MJT Shade 26G

MJT Barbara Rose 492Z

Reg # 1692313

Horn: Polled

Sire: MJT Abe 271X
Dam: MJT Barbara Rose 345X


MJT Sizzler 82D

MJT Shade 69G

JS Tilda 112

Reg # 1645016

Horn: Polled

Sire: Royal Predestined DRCC 8033U
Dam: Wilbar Tilda 409S

Owned With: Noe Villalobos

Tilda was puchased with Noe Villalobos of Texas as an addition to our Donor battery from Blair’s.Ag at their "Opportunity Knocks Female Sale" in 2020. We felt that any 10-year-old female
that is as sound, powerful, and functional as she is would be a great addition to our herd. Similarly, she has a proven track record of exemplary calves and continues to lay down a phenomenal udder, especially for her age. We look forward to working with Noe Villalobos to utilize this female to her full potential and are excited for what her future may hold here at MJT.


Blair’s Tilda 564H